02 November 2014

So many stunning quilts, so much wonderful handwork and so much fun at the Pub this month! 29 Show and Tell Photos, 14 SCQuilter Photos of 28 SCQuitlers present and 28 Handwork Photos on this Blog right now! (no food photos today though)

 Jenn took today's Gold Star award for the most prolific Quilter of the Month!  Just look at all these quilts.  Quilt #1.
Quilt #2
 Close up of Quilt #2.
 Back of Quilt #2.
 Quilt #3.
 Quilt #4.

 And finally Quilt #5...

Wow! We are lucky to know 'Jenn the Quilting Wonder Woman'... two small children and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound...  oh dear I'm getting a bit carried away... I mean...  finish off 5 quilts in a single month!

Now it's Claire's turn with this Wonderful Star Quilt and below the back using up fabrics already used on the front.

 Then to top all that off... look what we have here, the most beautiful block made by Erica using Liberty fabrics!   This is going to be such a lovely quilt.

 Then we have another stunner... this time by Sarah!  Just look at those great big Hexagons!

 And Sarah isn't finished yet... This is another stunner for Sarah's daughter.

 And yes another lovely little quilt for Charity by Lyn... some child is going to love this quilt.

 And you are thinking things couldn't get any better when along comes Marilyn!  Another prolific quilter.  Isn't this one lovely.

 But wait... when you think it's all over along comes a beautiful story.  These are Stephanie's words, I had to email her to ask for the whole lovely story.

"I made these quilt tops from my box of scraps - simply just to sew the scraps and get rid of them.  They sat for a while and then Kerry said she was wanting blocks or unfinished tops  for her stall at the St Vincents Hospital.   And being one who doesn't enjoy the quilting decided I'd give them to her to finish off and hopefully sell - which unbeknownst to me they were all done by Marilyn." 

 Stephanie's pretty grey and pink quilt and the back...

 Then at last we get to see what Joy was working on, a fabulous quilt for her Grand Daughter, and the back below.

 But we're still not finished... Cath showed us these two beautiful quilts she's just finished quilting... there is gold in them thar quilts.  Lovely aren't they.

 But wait once again... there is another lovely story here as well... in Becky's own words.

" This is for my nephew Danny who has just become a paraplegic. The funny part of the story was that I was bagging Ruth out for crocheting with fluro and saying I didn't like granny square rugs not knowing what they were doing.  It was a secret project for Danny.  'Danny's Granny'. They are so crazy those wonderful women.  It will be perfect for  him while he is in rehab in the spinal unit."

 A lovely little table runner made by Emma.

 And check out this lovely Scarf made by Bernadette and given to Lissa... what a pretty and delicate pattern... I love it!

 Stephanie modeling Ruth's Cowl knitted on enormous needles, with loose ends finishing the whole thing off with a bit of pizzazz!   I love Stephanie's dress as well.

 Nothing stunning about this panel of mine, but my grandson Remy loves it  :-)

To finish off this fantastic Show and Tell today I give you one very proud Ros who hand dyed this lovely scarf all by herself!

Well done Ros and everybody else today... What a fantastic Show and Tell!

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