05 July 2014

Show and Tell.

 Emma made this quilt as a sample.

 Gillian organized a working bee with a few friends to help make some Wizard of Oz clothes for a little girl who's mother is unwell, here are the results... aren't they wonderful!

 Lissa's redwork.

 Lissa with blocks swapped.

 Becky wearing a Poncho she made in the 1970's.
 Becky was a prolific Poncho maker and wearer, in the1970's.

 Bright and bold and funky from Marilyn.

 Stephanie and Annie with knitting made for a couple of different charities.
 Beanies made for Charities.

 Stephanie made this cardigan for her daughter because her daughter was wearing one of Stephanies.

Glynis's blocks.

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