05 July 2014

Who was at the Blue Gum today, in that cosy warm and friendly room of ours.

 Lissa and a very happy Maggie!

 Christine all the way from Bathurst and Pennie.

 Nicole and Jill.

 Erica and Liz.

 Ruth and Becky.

 Annie and Marilyn.

 Glynis, Heather and Stephanie.

 Irene and a very beautiful Sophia who was a bit shy today :-)

 Ellen, Marianne and Gillian.

 Pennie (again) and Penny.

 Emma and Gillian (again).

 I wonder who this is with the fingerless gloves? 
Here's another Mystery Guest!!    Can you guess?

Emma's husband and son joined her for a taste of the Blue Gum Lunches.

1 comment:

Lindi said...

Lissa with the gloves and Maggie with the stripes! Too easy, Pennie. :)