08 June 2014

Just what are those Southern Cross Quilters at the Blue Gum... actually like? Well they are Very Chatty, Very Generous, Very Clever, Very Inspirational and Very Noisy!! That's what they're like!

 Here we are, comfortable and chatty and cosy on a crisp Winters day.

 Erica and Annette.

 Jill and Lyn.

 Kate and Lissa.

 Liz and Penny.

 Maggie and Michelle.

Cath and Rita.

 Pennie and Stephanie.

 Robyn D. and Heather.

 Robyn McG and Sue and Jo.

 Ros and Glynis.

 Sharon and Maureen.

Steph and Gillian.

Marianne and Ruth.

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