05 July 2014

A smallish group today at the Blue Gum, the School Holidays and the cold scare some... but it's always cosy and warm at the Pub!

 I thought I'd check the Stats on this Blog.   Above are the Countries that people checked out the Blog from last month.

Below are the Stats for the whole of this Blog... since May 2006 when we were still at the Pennant Hills Inn... we've been meeting at the Blue Gum since October 2007, that's almost 7 years.

Interesting to see that 80 visited from China last month but if you check out below they are new comers and seem to have knocked Canada off the list.  Ukraine and Latvia have a look see occasionally, Russians have been interested for a while but Australians and Americans are far more interested than the rest.


Steffi´s Candy Quilts said...

Hi, I am one of the german visitors. :-)
Always interesting to see what you are doing "down under".
Have a nice day!

Pennie said...

Hello Steffi! I'm glad you enjoy our Blog. cheers Pennie

Annette said...

Although from Melbourne I did read your blog in June from Alaska while on a cruise of the inside passage! Always love seeing putting faces to names and seeing the lovely work....oh & food! Annette

Pennie said...

Wow! that's a long way away to check this Blog! What fun. cheers Pennie