06 April 2014

Gollygosh we are productive... it was heads down, hands busy and mouths a moving... which means it was another lovely day, thanks everyone!

 Yummy Yummy lovely soft wool being knitted by Annie... and...

Around the corner of the table... Same wool different colours and knitting by Ruth!  Beautiful!

Liz does indeed stitch the most beautiful things, here's her new one.

 Becky's Sashiko growing and growing...

 Just look at these... Glynis is making quilts for her two sons, this is the Mario Brothers game!  So many little squares in these blocks but how fantastic!

 Another wonderful block from Heather, only started but we do get the idea.

 Lissapoo's stars continuing on.

 Lyn's lovely bright rug is well advanced.

 Just look at these little hexies, don't they look wonderful all safely stacked away in this tin, all ready for some project for which Maggie says she hasn't quite decided?

 Marilyn is making these lovely soft toys for Stewart House, so sweet.

 Of all the pictures I take at the Blue Gum this one says it all...  a cup of tea, a pair of scissors, thread, needle and sewing  :-)  Go Marianne!

 Meg finishing off the binding of this little quilt.

 Lovely to see Robyn's fantastic handwork has grown since last time we saw it.

Stephanie was knitting with this Linen and Silk thread, it felt so soft and delicate.  Lovely!

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