02 March 2014

Bit wet in Sydney this weekend but that didn't stop 23 of us popping into the Blue Gum Pub for the day.

Lets start with some Handwork... I didn't get around to everyone this month, I just didn't have the ooomph but first up is a special little movie for you to enjoy!

 Isn't this clever!  Ruth bought it along for Becky to wind her skein of wool into one very neat ball in quick time.  No need to drag DH or a child in to hold their arms out while you wind manually.

Just check out the brilliant result!

Here is a still photo of this wonderfully fandangled machine.

 Erica started knitting a new cardigan.  I like the beginning.

 Joy has started her 'Dear Jane'... tiny tiny little pieces.
 Here is Joy's first block.

 Fabulous fussy cut stars by Lissa... she finished this one at the Pub... and three others!  That's some serious handwork Lissa  :-)

 Liz is serious about getting along with her latest project! 
 ... and I mean Serious!  :-)

 Looks fantastic Liz, very fine and very neat!  Can't wait to see this finished now!

 Wow!  Michelle got this whole block together, she was going to start on another but didn't really like the colour combinations she had bought along.

 Ruth's Shawl is coming along very nicely.

 I did sew one of these blocks yesterday... I think it was the bottom one second from the right.  This is the last row for this quilt and I can't wait to get it finished and quilted, you know the feeling when you are SO 'over' a project.  I started this quilt using Jan Mullins Fabrics way back in... 2004!  I also put it away in 2004 :-)      Hey that's 10 years ago!    Almost finished now though!

Now... this is the reason I didn't get the Blog updated straight after the Pub yesterday... Brenda gave one set of these lovely little set templates to myself and one set to Lissa as well...  then Brenda Challenged us!  So of course I had to get straight onto it didn't it!   Really loving the first block :-)  Thanks Brenda.    (The Blocks will be 3 inch finished)

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