06 April 2014

There was a great Reunion at the Blue Gum Pub today, I bought Minerva and Maximilian to meet my SCQuilter friends and who should be there as a surprise visitor... a little late but all the way from Scotland!

 Min and Max... all ready for their outing to the Blue Gum!

 And Surprise, Surprise...  it was Scotty!  :-) 

All just hanging about and catching up at the Pub!   See how happy they are to see each other!

(When Stephanie saw my two Jean Greenhowe knitted Clowns she said she had one of these dolls at home so... in a trice Scotty had arrived!   Steph's mum knitted him several years ago, isn't he delightful!) 

 Pennie had lots of Show and Tell today, these two quilts were made from a Layer Cake called Scrumptious, which I received as my KrisKringle last Christmas from my DS2 Gwilym's DMIL, Meg, who was down from Brisbane this month and able to come to the Pub.  These two are going to my DD2 Briony's new home in Canberra.

 Finished at last... I started making up these blocks almost 20 years ago... I was so over them but now they're finished they don't look too bad.  Jan Mullens fabrics called 'Meadowz'.

 Stunning quilt made by Glynis from Bonnie K Hunter's Mystery called 'Orca Bay'.

 Cath had a fantastic time on a Quilt Cruise and here's all the work she managed to get done on that 12 day Cruise...  #1.
#2 from Cath.
#3 from Cath. 
 And... #4 from Cath.

 Lissa has finished this magnificent crochet rug using Noro wools, all she has to do is block it but at the moment she's on a roll to finish off this little beauty below!

Wow!  it is looking wonderful...  Lissa is working hard on finishing today, she was up early this morning and straight onto it!  Go Lissa!!


Hot Fudge said...

It was great to be back Pennie, particularly as I was able to meet Min and Max, not to mention Scotty. Wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

Pennie - you're such a great knitter ..... wow.... not just a great quilter but a knitter to boot!!

:-) sue :-)