06 April 2014

... But wait... there's more delicious Show and Tell.

 Lynne has finished her little beauty.

 Annie has made a baby blanket for the Glory Box  :-)

 Lyn crochet this beautiful bright bag.

 Meg's passion for Kaffe Fasset Fabrics in a quilt at last!  Meg bought her quilt down from Brisbane for Emma to quilt... Emma also took three of my quilts, she's a busy girl that Emma  :-)

 Meg finished binding this little quilt for a Children's Charity.

 Becky happily modeling Ruth's beautiful shawl.

Emma with a lovely Jelly Roll Quilt.

 And just look at the colours in this fantastic Star Quilt.

 Another beauty by Sel.

 Last month Rita showed us a table runner made for a German workmate of her DH's she liked it so much she made one for herself as well.

Plus this little lovely below.

Sorry... my head just won't remember who's Show and Tell this blue one below is...  now I know... it's Marianne's!  Thanks for the heads up Marianne :-)
I know it's another of Bonnie K Hunters designs, what I don't know is which of BKH's quilts is it?

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