04 January 2014

Lots and lots of lovely SCQuilters were at the Blue Gum today, two from Melbourne, a couple from Newcastle and the Blue mountains and all around Sydney. Lovely day once again. The request went out early in the day that I take the SCQuilter Photos in 'Soft Focus'... I only aim to please :-)

 Annie and Ruth.

 Becky and Sharon.

 Emma and Erica.

 Heather and Stephanie.

 Irene, Lynne and Liz.

 Jen with the Aqua hair!

 Kate and Munaiba.

 Marilyn and Jean.

 Pam and Rita.

 Pennie and Joy.

 Shirley ... chatting chatting chatting... actually there is nothing nicer than wandering around chatting to fellow SCQuilters.

 Sue and Claire.

Wyn from Melbourne and Lissapoo from Newcastle.

I missed Gillian and Kerry... next time.

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