04 January 2014

Interesting Bags and Things.

 Annie and Stephanie's crochet bags...

 Our Becky is a hoot!  when she hears of some wonderful inspiring idea coming from some SCQuilter  in the room she jots it down on a coaster because she can never find a piece of paper... today Stephanie bought her a little booklet especially for her jottings.

 ... and Becky went like mad!  Page One.

 Pages 2 and 3!  There was a bit of a 4th page but I think you get the idea  :-)

 You have seen Joy's bag before but I just had to get a closer look... wonderful isn't it.

 And check out Lissapoo's bag, made from old fishing lines!!!  Wonderful eh!

 I love these little bags as well... this one belongs to Liz.

 I love this one as well... it belongs to Liz.

 Emma gave me this little tin today... it was empty okay!  There was nothing in it... okay...  Oh well it was almost empty... no it wasn't I cannot tell a lie!  It was full of chocolates!!!  Favourites in fact!  and 'was' is the operative word     :-)     Yummo! 

 Ruth's work bag is just perfect isn't it!  Sits on the table full of all one would need for a 'crochet' project.

This book was much admired by everyone who came today, it's full or wonderful old crafty stuff  :-)

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