04 January 2014

At Last... down to the Show and Tell, sorry if you are disappointed, we've all been busy since last we met and we didn't have an enormous amount of stuff to Show!

 Emma's little Owl hanging.
 ... and the back.

 Emma's lovely little quilt for a boy.

 Now Erica was busy, she showed us all up... #1.

... #2.
 ... and #3.  Fascinating little quilts aren't they.

 Jean had a couple of blocks to show us.

 This is lovely... I think it was Lissa's ?

 Now this is fascinating.  These fabrics are left overs from the costumes of the Movie, 'The Hobbit'  Rita's daughter picked them up quickly when the filming had finished.  There are many different sorts of fabrics in this quilt.

 Sharon spent the whole day reverse sewing the machine quilting she had done on this big quilt, it's a gift for someone and she wasn't happy with the work she'd done.... better luck next time Sharon!

A lovely little quilt made by Stephanie.

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