02 February 2014

Show and Tell... Show and Tell... It's Show and Tell Time!

 Marianne - Bonnie K Hunter's latest Mystery Quilt - Celtic Solstice.  Marianne changed the border a little on hers and this is the smaller version of Bonnie's 2013 Mystery.

 Jean - has almost finished her Celtic Solstice, Jean is doing the borders as suggested by Bonnie... this is also the smaller version of the Mystery.

 Annie - Log Cabin and below Annie's Crochet Blanket, she has many circles already made so she intends to keep going around and around and around.
 Love Annie's Daks... I think we should all get a pair :-)

 Christine - found this old quilt when she was moving house, it's from original Feed Sacks and you can tell the difference in the texture.

 Heather - Lovely little quilt for a grandchild.

 Annie - was working on this enormous circular quilt yesterday at the Pub, hand quilting it in fact.  The photo below is a bit of a twirly one but shows the back of Annie's quilt... which she paid under $5 for ages ago.

 Jill - bought along the Fairholme Quilters Raffle Quilt, their quilt show will be held on the first weekend of April.

 Lissa - in the pretty shiny Dorothy shoes  :-)  Click click... and away we go...

Muniaba - squares in squares... how many squares are there in this quilt?   Now that's a challenge for you :-)

 Lynne - with her pretty little girly quilt.

 Marilyn - Stars and below Log Cabin.

 Sue - Pretty little girl quilt for a new born niece... and below with Heather wearing a shirt to match!

 Selina - with some interesting blocks, nothing new here, Sel's always got some interesting block underway.

 Selina - these blocks were swapped within a world wide group and below another pretty quilt top of Selina's.

 Stephanie - with her crochet by the day circles.

 Rita - Soft toy for a child... and below a lovely childs quilt.

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