07 December 2013

It was Christmas Party Time for SCQuilters at the Blue Gum Pub today, why do I always go home with a slight headache after a day with these lovely, gentle quilters... because they laugh the loudest and the longest of any of my other friends, that's why!! Always a great day, thanks everyone, have a very Happy Christmas break and lets do it all again next year!

 Today was time for the Revelations of the Blue Gum Challenge for 2013!  
At the beginning of each of nine months, we were given a new step for our challenge...  
See if you can spot all the Steps in each of our work.
Step One - Applique
Step Two - Diamonds
Step Three - Paper Piecing
Step Four - Same Colour
Step Five - Stripes
Step Six - Curves
Step Seven - Triangles
Step Eight - Hexagons
Step Nine - Whatever you like to finish off your Challenge.

Christine has done a stunning job of some of her William Morris fabrics.

 So fresh and beautiful by Glynis!

 Joy has done one block at a time with a great result!

 We've been watching this wonderful little quilt grow each month, you could sit and look and look at it for ages!  Wonderful masterpiece Liz!

 Another little beauty made by Lynne... very nice!

 Ruth hadn't quite finished her blocks but Wow!!  Just look at the ones she has finished!

 Now... speaking of 'clever'... as I was... just look at what Marilyn has made!   Marilyn didn't start the Challenge until September, most of us started in February!  That's clever on its own, but...

... I have to tell you just how very clever 'my friend' Marilyn is,  almost all of this quilt is made from blocks left over from other projects, there are some left overs from one or two of Bonnie K Hunters Mysteries as well as other wonderful projects!    HOW CLEVER IS OUR MARILYN!!

Marilyn may be the cleverest but I had the most fun!  With a little help from my friend Mavis.

Here are my Nine Steps starting with the last step then from Step 1 to 8...

 I needed a few extra hands to show all my Babushkas.

 My friend Mavis, is not a Quilter she is a Prize Winning Artist and she kindly painted all the little faces onto fabric for me.

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Hot Fudge said...

Thank you so much Pennie - it looks like you all had really good fun. Sorry I missed out, but hold on to that galleon, I'll be there next year!