07 December 2013

Gift Giving Time... For years and years now we give a Recycled Gift, some gifts keep coming back and back and people dread receiving the Golden Galleon but this year there was a contender for worst gift... and that was the Pencil Sharpener Cat :-) So much fun and sooooo much laughter, I wish I could put it all onto a movie for you to watch!

 Becky is overwhelmed by the number of gifts in the gift she chose...
 ... actually 'overwhelmed' is an understatement!  She was Hysterical!!  :-)

 Christine Smith was very happy with her recycled sewing items.

 Christine Colley was also very happy with her gift.

 ... as was Emma.

 Erica was also impressed.

 Gillian was loving hers as well

 This one is for Heather who had to leave early...

 Jan wasn't sure what to do with her candle holders.

 Jean got the Cat!!  she wasn't too sure what to do with it... but Gillian loves it  :-)

 Jean was very happy with her other gifts.

 I wonder if we will see this back next year??  Joy was still trying to work out what it actually was last I saw her.

 Lynne is delighted with her Templates!

 Marianne looks all smiles and happiness but... I wonder if these will be back next year!

 Aaahhh... we've seen this lot before now... I wonder if it will be back next year!

We were almost at the end of the gifts when Annie came up, she ummed and aaahhhhed... and aaaahhhed and ummmmed till eventually she chose a box.

 On opening the said box she discovered a wonderful array of very exciting and lovely gifts... but lying on the bottom of the box was....

The much dreaded Golden Galleon!!

Annie thought she was safe till she got to the end of her presents!
I know we'll be seeing this back next year  :-)

 Munaiba is loving the Random Harvest... but when the label on the box on the left says... 'Throw some tea in your Trousers!'  one has to suspect this little man will be seen again  LOL
 You see... you take his pants off and put some tea leaves in them, put the pants back on and put the little man on the edge of your cup and pour in boiling water... ouch!

Stephanie was liking her gift very much... I have one of those Babushka Sewing kits!  Of course I do....

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