07 December 2013

So lastly but hardly leastly... the wonderful Show and Tell!

 A lovely little Crochet rug by Annette.

 Little girl quilt by Cath.

 A very bright star quilt made by Cath.

 Emma made this girly quilt for herself  :-)

 Emma also made a couple of Christmas Runners... #1.

 #2 from Emma.
 And the back of #2.

 Gillian makes her daughters a Christmas Decoration each year, this is for the daughter who has moved into a new home. 

 This quilt was requested from one of Irene's friends, she likes the neutral tones, lovely isn't it.

 Jean made this complicated looking quilt with Brenda Gael Smith.

 Another beauty from Jean.

 It took Jenn a couple years to finish this quilt for her sister, the block is quite complicated but I saw her cutting out fabrics for a mini version of this one... lets hope we see more if it in the new year.

 Lynne started this quilt when she was in Hospital a while ago, she thanks Marianne for the inspiration to sew while recuperating :-)

 Marianne's stunning little quilt, which had a lovely story to it but....  I don't think I could do it justice in the retelling, you will have to ask her yourself  :-)

 Munaiba gave this rather dull skirt a wonderful jazz up!  it looks much better in real life than it does in this photo, it's rather lovely isn't it.

 Another stunner by Munaiba!

 I just want to snuggle under this lovely warm and welcoming crochet rug... don't you!  Love it Ruth.

Selina is another who comes up with stunners!  I love this one as well.
P.S.  I can see bare feet :-)

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