07 July 2013

What's everyone up to?? What were all those eyes concentrating on in the first picture... Here is some... of the Handwork done yesterday, I didn't get around to everyone I'm afraid.

 Becky's Duck and Duckling block all placed ready to sew.

And in a flash... it was finished!
 Actually it was a very productive day for Becky, two blocks completed!

 I couldn't get Claire's Hexagon blocks all in one photo... wonderful colours and patterns aren't they.

 Heather almost finished the block she's making for Hunters Hill Quilters.

 Jean wouldn't let me photograph her quilt, she said we saw it 10 years ago  LOL!   But I did get a photo of her binding it.

 Stunning magical flowers and birds belong to Joy.

 Lots and lots and lots more Bow Tie blocks of Lissa's, who actually sewed lots and lots yesterday.

 This is Liz's 'Blue Gum Challenge', it's last months Stripes!  So clever but what is cleverer than clever is below  :-) 

 Pretty applique of Lucy's.

 Marilyn's Pin Cushion is very pretty as well.

 William Morris Hexagons by Penny.  This looks like a new project Penny?

 Check out this beautiful craft bag of Robyn's... silly me I didn't get a photo of the whole thing, I was so fascinated with all the little pictures.

 Ros was working on her Sons wedding quilt which you will see better in the Show and Tell photos.

 Selina was cutting out triangles for the quilt you can see in her hand  :-)  We have become so techie haven't we... I wonder what Quilters from long ago would think of us now!

 A lovely corner block made by Sharon, looking forward to seeing more of this one Sharon.

Stephanie's block... I wonder how big this quilt will be?  Looking forward to seeing more Steph.

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