07 July 2013

There were a couple of Knitters at the Blue Gum as well.

 Irene is making lots of Blocks which she will later sew together to make a rug.

This is my 'Mick Aston'* cardigan, I'm sort of making it up as I go so I did the body on one piece so that I didn't have to sew seams, I'm onto the sleeves now.  I don't know if I will ever be brave enough to go 'out' in this cardie, time will tell :-)

There was a push, a rather large 'Push' headed by one Erica Spinks... suggesting that with the left over wool, of which I will have plenty, I should make a matching jumper for David....  Nnnnnooooo I say... but of course now he's joined the 'Push' as well!  Darn and double drattt once again  :-)

*Mick Aston was one of the characters in the show Time Team, I've always loved his striped jumpers so decided I just had to make one for myself... not long after I started he died :-(
Mick Aston - Time Team.

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Anonymous said...

well, that sent me looking on the web....i am an admirer of his jumpers - and hat....and gloves! didn't know he had died or that they have stopped making the show. i still remember Tony Robinson best for 'Tales from Fat Tulip's garden' which my children loved in the 80's i think. thanks for the photos etc, Pennie. love Shirley