07 July 2013

So to the 'Happy Hookers!

 That Annette Schuiling is nothing but a Temptress... she keeps bringing out all these wonderful items she's 'happily hooked' and then she goes and shows them to ME who's current mantra is...  'I will never sew another hexagon or learn how to crochet'...  silly me I suppose :-)

 Annie even had a Hexagon to show...

 Then she bought out all her Hooks!  How lovely are they..............   darn and double drattttt!
 Here she is... the culprit!  wearing yet another lovely piece of Crochet!

 Ruth is no better... look at this wonderful rug she's making for her father... I so want to curl up with this right now, it's cold in my office  :-(

Ruth is even making coasters for a friend... how lovely are they.

Ruth asked me to show her my Inherited Crochet Hooks, here they are Ruth.
 They came from some of my relatives as well as some of David's, I don't know how old they are, I've always been more into knitting than Crochet.

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