05 May 2013

More Busy Busy Handwork.

 Just look at what Becky is making... wonderful bird patterns in wool.  This is a Block of the Month quilt so there are a few more blocks to come, below are the ones Becky has finished so far.

I'm almost tempted to join Becky in this Block of the Month... something I've never done before...

 There were a few Happy Hookers there yesterday, this piece of Annette's had some 'reverse hooking' going on until Stephanie gave some advice and Annette continued on... unfortunately I didn't get a photo before she left.

Below is Stephanie's Hooking! which is very similar to Annette's above.

 Lissa made a few of these little cotton reel blocks but I forgot to ask her how big and so on... stay tuned!

 I've also forgotten who belongs to this beautiful sewing bag... There is something about it that want's me to touch and feel...

 What is Irene up to I wonder, those square blocks have pretty little Fairy's in the centres... Irene does have two Grand Daughters so maybe???

 The only Hexagoner in the room was Penny...  pretty paisley fabric isn't it.

 Marilyn became a Happy Hooker at the Blue Gum only a few months ago... not there's no stopping her  :-)

 I was knitting some left over wool for myself... will it be a Vest because I might run out of fabric or will it be a cardy??

Clair had a bit of a stash clearance... much to the delight of several of us.

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