05 May 2013

24 SCQuilters were able to make it to the Blue Gum today for a day of fun, food, inspiration, handwork and relaxation... Lovely day once again. First Up some Show and Tell.

 Jean was thrilled to show us how she's learnt to machine quilt in circles, very impressive.

 Stephanie has finished her lovely star quilt!

 Stephanie also showed us her handmade skirt, she has a challenge to try and wear something she's made each week.

 Two quilts from Selina, one for a little boy above and one for a little girl below!  Nice and bright, the children will love them.

 Selina's Aunt admired this fabric and asked Sel to make her a quilt, turned out very well didn't it.

 Claire is making these blocks... now I listened to her explanation, I heard the questions asked and even though these blocks are different sizes they will all go into the same quilt without sashing... I think I'm correct... very Interesting and it will be fun to see the finished product.

 Jenn made this cushion for her couch and her little girl has already christened it with a little baby food... Jenn will be a lot smaller next time we see her with only 5 weeks to go before her family has a new member :-)

 This quilt of Jenn's is made with all solid fabrics, the pattern you can see is the backing fabric showing through.  I should use up some of my many solids in this way, looks good doesn't it.

Emma says she can't eat Watermelon so she decided to make a Watermelon quilt as a table runner... What fun it is, I want one too :-)

 Oh Dang!  I've forgotten who's quilt this is... I was distracted by the wonderful colours... could the owner please fess up!   

Postscript... This is Rita's beautiful Purple Quilt... Thanks for fessing up Rita :-)

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