05 May 2013

Food Glorious Food.

 Sel started off with this wonderful concoction  :-)  I like her style!   Brulee Almond bread and fruit!  Delicious.

 Marilyn's Salmon with peas and spinach.

 My Margherita Pizza was terrific even if they did go all posh and call the Mozzarella 'Fior de Latte' which I had to do a Google of before I was brave enough to order :-)  Actually it's Mozzarella made with Cows milk not Buffalo milk.

 Fish and Chips always popular.

 Lissa's Steak Sandwich, she tells me she always has the Steak Sandwich so it must be good!

 Chicken Schnitzel with Mash.

 Beef Burger.

 I believe this Chicken Gumbo Pie had quiet a kick in it!

 Jean's Veggie Burger.

 More Fish and Chips.

Stephanie's Chicken Pizza.

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