05 May 2013

Busy Busy Handwork.

 The day started with Heather on her knees...  trying out fabrics for the border of this beautiful quilt she's making for her Grand Daughter Kiri!

 I'm not allowed to show you this quilt, it's been promised to be finished next month... so don't tell the maker okay!

 Selina absolutely fascinated me, she bought bags and bags of strips of fabrics of all colours and patterns, then she set about snipping them to the size she needs to make her next project... Sel is so prolific I think we may see it next month... so stay tuned!

 Another beautiful block from Heather, I can't wait to see all these blocks together.

 This has been Robyn's handwork for a while now, it fascinates me and we only see small sections of it each month so I have no idea what the whole quilt will look like when together... but don't worry I can wait :-)

 Lovely little red stars being put together by Marianne.

 Some Redwork by Liz... Liz does make the most interesting quilts so I'm looking forward to seeing what this will turn out like... she has plenty of time to be ready for Christmas doesn't she.

 Lynne's Spring Block, how clever are those Gum Blossoms and check out the details of the Bees below... What fun this block is!

This is one of those items which can only be described by saying it was...  To Die For!
Really chunky soft wool of many colours being knitted on great big chunky needles.

Ruth is making a Cowl which looked okay on the pattern book but looks Fantasmorigorical!!!  Supercalifragilastic!!  Finished... and gently held around Ruth's shoulders which I didn't get a photo of... sorry... but hopefully she will be back next month wearing the finished product!

BTW... do you like our new carpet... quilting comes to mind doesn't it :-)

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Anonymous said...

I noticed the carpet ... I keep being distracted by it! Will have to go back and look at the quilts now I have had a better look at the carpet.