03 January 2011

The SCQuilters Blue Gum Party 2010. Sorry these photos are so late but I left, the day after the party, to spend 3 weeks in Macao with DS1 Tom's family. But I am home now and have really enjoyed putting all these photos up. Enjoy!

 The SCQuilters Blue Gum Christmas Party is a much looked forward to event... mainly for the presents!  We bring along something we wish to recycle.  The gift has to be in good condition, never used and as awful as possible.    I've been lucky some years, I've won a Popcorn Machine and some beautiful fake pink stones on jewelry, which was just perfect for my Grand Daughters Dressing up box.

Several gifts come back the following year which some dread but they are always good for a laugh.
I loved the look of that red parcel that looked a bit like a Santa.  I would have liked that present just for the bag it was in...

Cate cannot control her excitement and delight with her win of this beautiful Angel!  I wonder if her little girl is still loving it :-)

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you all had a really lovely time. Helen