09 January 2011

It's a funny sight when you rock up to the Blue Gum Pub at 10am and find SCQuilters sitting outside waiting for the doors to open :-)) especially when the strongest drink ordered is usually only a Soda, Lime and Bitters...

I think Marianne must have half a dozen elves locked away in her sewing room.  A bit like the Grimm's Fairytale 'The Elves and the Shoemaker'.    Here is her version of the Bonnie K Hunter 'Roll,  Roll, Cotton Boll' the instructions of which have been coming out on a weekly basis over the last 8 weeks.  The Instructions for the final border were posted on Friday night but Marianne (and her Elves) had that border finished before 10am the next morning... not attached to the quilt mind you but ready to put on last night after the Blue Gum.  I'll bet the whole top is finished now!  Wonderful result, I just love her colour choices and wonder if I might change my fabrics before I get around to making this RRCB.

But wait... there's more... another quilt from Marianne.

And one more... this is another Bonnie K Hunter design called Star Struck!

Jackie has  done a brilliant job of hiding her Ugly fabrics in this quilt hasn't she.

Marilyn's stop start... thank goodness it's finished... Hexagon Quilt.

 This beautiful quilt is Marilyn's Leesa Seigle Mystery. 

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