03 January 2011

 Helen just loved her Thong Drink Coasters... I wonder if they were used on Christmas Day?

 What a Challenge... Heather's Quilt Pattern has no instructions... have you started it yet Heather?

 Just what Rosie needed... a pair of glow in the dark handcuffs and a glitzy mobile phone purse.

 Sue said she would use this bag for her Christmas Shopping.

 Ros couldn't resist that beaut Christmas bag... you can see how happy she is to have won the Galleon Decanter.   This beautiful gift has been around for quite a few years... does anyone remember where it came from first time?

 Doesn't Marilyn look delighted to have won a real snowing music box!!

 What a heap of wonderful goodies Lyn won...  I'm sure some of those got recycled for her Christmas Gifts :-)

Liz was very happy with her new shopping bag... funny thing was... she left it beside her chair and when she left the Blue Gum it was so much heavier and bulkier than when she won it...  I think there some very generous SCQuilters recycling their already recycled gifts  LOL!

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Linda said...

Thanks for all the pictures. It looks like everyone had a good time, even the winner of the galleon decanter! Have a wonderful 2011.