03 January 2011

 Loz received this collection... just because you weren't able to make it Loz, the rules are... if you send a present you must receive one  :-)

 Aaahhh... did you use your magic wand over Christmas Joy?  Does it turn that little toy Penguin into a real one?

Jan received one of these Elegance Plates and some fabric... just perfect for a good Entertainer as Jan is!

Lucky Dianne... she won all the fabric and instructions for the Bedford 2010 Mystery!  I made one of these last year as did many SCQuilters from all around Australia.

 Claire received all these Christmas Plates...

 Bec was very pleased with her Teapot and Cup... especially seeing she had minded the Galleon Decanter for 12 months!

Janine received some Silver Balls... just Perfect for Christmas!

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