05 December 2009

Next was the Recycled Gift Opening... there was a real buz of anticipation in the room... one of not wanting to win the Lamp or the Galleon!

The winner of the Galleon is.... Becky, she thinks she has just the place for it in her Bus Shed in her Garden... for 12 months anyway! We are trying to remember who bought this Galleon the first time around, we know it's had 4 owners since then. Are you game to own up??

That Jug Vase is back... Cate appears very happy to look after it for year! Lets hope she doesn't drop it before then!

Christine is delighted with her collection of Christmas Decorations and Patterns!

Gay really is pleased with her Pussy Purse! A Diamonte Pussy Purse at that! She needed a new purse and this one is perfect for the job!!

Gillian has a certain way with that beautiful fan doesn't she... and the chocolates!! Yummo!

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