05 December 2009

Here are the Red Round Robins!! (with apologies to Diane and Cate)
So many beautiful Reds... it must be Christmas or something!
Back Row:- Left to Right... Gillian, Pennie, Becky, Christine and Irene.
Front Row:- Kerry-Anne, Dianne and Cate.

I called the rest of the girls the 'Higgledy Piggledies' but they objected... loudly... very loudly so I renamed them the Rainbows!!
I decided I was pink for this photo and see how much they love me... two sets of Bunny Ears!! LOL
Back Row:- Heather, Sarah, Loz, Marilyn, Jill and Jan.
Middle Row:- Sue, Jean, Pennie and Ros.
Seated:- Irene B., Liz and Gay.

Firstly Jan drew tickets for the three Goody Bags she's put together...

Liz won the first one... two hats and lots of useful goodies inside.

Sue was second with hats and a wonderful swag of fabric.

Look at these two wonderful stickers in Jean's Goody Bag!!

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