08 November 2009

Blue Gum Saturday... .Is the First Saturday of each month... come along and say Hello if you are around.

Here is yesterday's Happy Crowd of busy SCQuilters, their hands are sewing, the noise level is on High, with lots of chat and laughter, lunch and drinks are ordered and arrive... then it's Show and Tell time. About 20 plus today with a very quiet young Harrison busily playing Gameboy beside his Grandmother Lyn Allitt.

Not only did we have SCQuilters coming from South, West, North and all over Sydney a couple of them flew in from London (Gay Jenkins) and Iowa (Linda Hungerford)!! Now the question was... who travelled the furthest?? I did a bit of a Goggle and Wiki and here are the results!!

London 16,997 kms (10,600 miles) Iowa 14,759kms (9,171miles).

So Gay wins (not that there is a prize or anything) but Linda was only a couple of thousand kilometres behind :-) I know I should have better things to do on a Sunday but sometimes I just can't help myself LOL!!!

Lyn Wilson is busy making Christmas Trees... I am going to make some of these for Presents... isn't it delightful!
All you need are 11 of these triangles to make one tree!

Loz Lloyd with a very interesting octagon pattern.
Loz's Hexagon quilt is so fascinating to look into.

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Linda said...

Oh boo that I lost the contest! Well, traveling from Iowa to Oz FELT like it was the furthest. Gay deserves to "win" 'cause she had to pack everything into ONE 20 kilo bag; I got TWO that weight.