03 June 2018

Lots of lovely Quilters, Knitters, Crocheters, Stitchers and Snippers came in from the cold and into our lovely warm and cosy, if a little noisey at times, room at the Blue Gum yesterday!

Lynne was too busy to look at the camera while she was teaching Maureen to Crochet!

Jennifer and Lesley too busy having fun to look at the Camera!

Heather and Joy having fun...

... as were Maureen and Marilyn below.

Pennie and Irene look like they are up to no good... don't we!!

Ann and Rita also look as they are up to no good....

Here's that Ann again, this time with Emma and one very well dressed dog!!

Steph and Becky all rugged up with beautiful handmade shawl's!

Kate and Penny look very happy to see me!! 

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