03 June 2018

It was a Hexagon Show and Tell this month! Lots of Hexies and not a one the same... Wonderful and inspiring stuff!

First up today is this beautiful sewing kit, not only hexagons on the outside... they are inside as well!!  Just delightful and very handy... made by Lesley.

Maureen #2 made this Elongated Hexagon bag!  Wow!

Emma's Hexagon... and hey... look what's inside!
Below is a hexagon knitted by Emma.

This is my little Hexagon wall hanging, made back in 2007 for a Challenge.

Check out this elongated Hexagon quilt above... Penny is going gangbusters getting her blocks together!  Wow!
And below an old Hexagon Quilt of Penny's.

Now!  This quilt has to be the Winner!!!   Not that it was a competition but...  I just love it.
 Ruth bought this old quilt a while ago and is planning to finish it, there was a lot of discussion about the age of these little hexagons with no great conclusion.
What gets me about this quilt is the fact that someone, many years ago, spent hours, days, months and years putting it together never to see it finished!  Now that makes me sad.

Hexi #1 made by Marilyn, I really like so different to what we usually see and very Wow!

These two beauties were also made by Marilyn just lovely!

Lynne's lovely Hexagons with some applique vine as well.

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