03 March 2018

Would you believe it!! There were Four... YES! Four sets of Twins at the Blue Gum today... This must be a record! There were 10 who didn't bring their Twin with them, maybe next time eh!!

 Pennie and Penny.

 Lyn and Lynne.

 Maureen and Maureen.

 Stephanie and Stephanie.

 And those who didn't have a twin today... Emma along with one Stephanie Twin!

 And the other Stephanie twin is happy to pretending to be Becky's Twin!

 Heather and Ann were missing their twins... But hey!  They had good drinks!!

Liz and Jean didn't need their twins, they had each other.

Selina, Jenn and Piper didn't need a twin either... they had each other  :-)

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