03 March 2018

The Ku-ring-gai's Challenge.

The 'Ku-ring-gai's are a small group of friends who only live 5 minutes away from each other and got together in 2002.  Each year we do a little Challenge set by one of our group... here are the results of our 2017 Challenge.  Irene gave each of us a fat quarter of the Tula Pink fabric range and below are requirements for what we should put into our quilts, did we get them all in???

(Robyn has set the 2018 Challenge by giving us some Black and White fabric... Black & White with a Splash of Colour!    You will be able to see our quilts this time next year.)

Ku-ring-gai Challenge


Set by Irene.






Flying Geese



 Irene's Challenge.

 Penny's Challenge.

Lyn's Challenge.

Robyn's Challenge.

Lynne's Challenge.

And... 'Very Naughty'  Pennie's Challenge.
I used a 15 year old Panel plus borders to fit the requirements of this Challenge.  I was very proud that #1. I have finished this old UFO and #2.  With my poem I made it fit the Challenge.  

Ku-ring-gai   -  2017  -   Challenge
Planned by
Irene Long using Tula Pink Fabric.

Here is my Ku-ring-gai Challenge as you can see,
Would you believe, I've been as busy as a bee,
It is my Nature to confuse… as you already know,
Hush now please… just wait for my show.

Peter Rabbit has been with us since 1904,
He is one of those Stars we all adore,
There's Mr McGregor just walking along,
Did you know his first name is John.

There are Animals to be seen on this quilt I own,
In the Garden surrounding the McGregor Home,
A Dog, a Frog, a Chicken and a Bird as well,
They always seem to have a bit of a smell.

All these characters can easily be seen,
In Mr McGregor's Garden so green,
And above his Home looking it's best,
You can see the Flying Geese heading West,

Pink can be found in the flowers all over,
Growing and growing just like clover,
A little Appliqué has been made,
Using Irene's fabric… I'm so brave.

But where are the Hearts… no where to be seen
I think here I just have to come clean,
Mr McGregor, Peter, Dog, Frog, Chicken and Bird
All have hearts… I have heard,

So with Stars, and Animals, a Garden, and a Home,
Some Applique, some Flying Geese that roam,
Hearts, my Nature to deal with and a touch of Pink
My Challenge will go to Elodie… I think.

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