04 February 2018

We are all so busy and important when we are at the Blue Gum Pub... just look at the work we're doing.

You will be seeing these for a year or two more...  slowing growing.

Irene was crocheting...

Eleanor was cutting in between Samurai Sudoku.

Kath's Hexies were just a tad larger than mine in the first photo.


Rita was giving these beautiful scarfs away.

Lynne has a new project underway.

Two more of Penny's blocks...

Jill loves these very modern bright colours.

Liz... what are you up to?  We will just have to wait and see I suspect.

Two beautiful scarf's of Becky's

Stephanie's work was fascinating the way it curved so neatly.

Heather was up to no good, fussy cutting something for something... hope we see what you are up to next time Heather.

My lips are sealed.

I reckon these Hexies are just a tad different in size... don't you!  I know which will be quicker to put together!!  Any guesses :-)

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