04 October 2015

Handwork! Every month I am blown away by the talent within this Pub Quilting Group. Wow!

Brenda fussy cutting Hexagons... I love doing this sort of thing as well.

Heather's Hide and Seek block... she tells me she has three blocks to stitch before she can start putting  the quilt together.

Irene crocheting a scarf for some lucky person.

Jackie is unpicking her friends hand quilting, her friend was going to throw these blocks away but Jackie is saving them... maybe next month we might see a top??

Jenn making Hexigan blocks.

Jo making fans.

Joy is making a similar quit to Robyn.

Linda's handwork... reverse sewing was involved here.

Lissa one Pie!

Liz has a new project underway.

Lyn making another little broach, same as the one she was wearing.

Lynne almost finished her little blue bird yesterday... only a few stitches to go on the bottom line.

Maggie loves LA!

Marilyn is enjoying going back to her childhood and colouring in.  Fantastic book with lots of wonderful pictures... including some Babushkas!  :-)

Michelle is knitting socks for her teenage son... he's just going to love these!

I'm knitting squares to make a blanket for my cousin.

Robyn... see similar quilt as Joy's.

Ros working on this fabulous Sashiko.

Selina is starting to put these blocks together.

Stephanie knitting herself some socks... very clever how the variegated wool is making the pair almost match.

Stephy is crocheting a blanket and below two little jackets she made for a baby girl.

Virginia finishing off her wonderful crochet... check it out in the Show and Tell.

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