03 May 2015

Wet, Wet, Wet and more rain all over Sydney and beyond today. But several people braved those roads to come to the Pub... from Newcastle to Caringbah, from the lower Blue Mountains to the Northern Beaches... and many many places in between, they came and enjoyed another lovely day at the Pub!

 Feeling a bit 'photo' lazy today so I didn't take heaps of photos, none of handwork, none of food and just tables full of clever Quilters, you must know the names of these lovely people by now so I'll continue to be lazy and not tell you  :-)

Okay you are excused for one... Welcome to Linda second from the right.

More clever quilters.

And yet more... 

Oh!  It looks like I wasn't there  :-)   and I did miss a couple of early leavers as well.

As my two year old grandson says, with a very big sigh...  'Fun Day' 

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