03 May 2015

Show, Show, Show and Tell Time!

There's no stopping that Marianne, here is another one of Bonnie K Hunter's 'Smith Mountain Morning' quilts, she had a beautiful one for show last month... check it out.
This one is for her DD who is now in Europe playing the game she loves.
The back, Marianne tells us that this is another quilt using only her stash but she still can't notice a difference... Mmmm!  I'm a bit like that as well.

Another block of Rita's Mario Bros quilt.  We can't wait to see this one together.
A very fishy quilt and back  :-)

Rita's DD loves Purple, so she'll love this quilt.

What a fun Hexagon quilt of Stephanie's,  I love the backing she's used.

Brenda's 'One Hour Bag', isn't it smart!  and do you know how long it took to make?  :-)

I love Jackie's 'Playing Around' quilt, she's just playing around and getting used to her machine... some playing around!  It's brilliant!

I love these colours, Jill uses the best fabrics, fabrics that I just don't have in my stash and as I've been on a mission for the past ?*&% years, of only using fabrics from my stash, I'm green with jealously!

Wow!  Nice and bright from Emma, and two little bright blocks below.  Lovely!

What beautiful Poopy fabric, I love it... Annie made this lovely and very handy bag.

Lissa isn't telling us just how many balls of Noro she used to make this rug, it doesn't matter, it's so well worth it!  Beautiful Lissa.

When someone tries to slip out of the Pub with this folded up in their bag, then when questioned about it... says... it's just my car quilt!   You have to question that person very closely to make sure they aren't hiding any other wonderful masterpieces!  I love this raggy and of all the quilts at the Pub this month... this is the one I would have stolen, if I was quicker and knew it was under the table!   
I've fallen in love Lissa!

Michelle finished off this masterpiece yesterday, she had to stop talking a few times to make sure she was following the pattern properly though.  Look at the size of it!

Back view and front view!   Just beautiful.

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