07 April 2015

Show, Show, Show and Tell! (Trouble is with the 'Tell', I've usually forgotten by the time I get these photos up so maybe this should just be called 'Show')

 Becky's very clever shawl, I am fascinated by the cast on cast off process of this pattern.

 Another beauty by Cath and making the most of the left overs on the back.

 I love, love, love this square of Gillian's, she's used an old doily as the background, very clever!  Gillian tells me there are more squares to come... I for one, can't wait to see them.

 Lovely soft star quilt by Jackie.
 ... and a Super Hero quilt by Jackie.

 But wait... more by Jackie.  An ABC quilt ... how sweet is this one!
 Jackie wins the 'most prolific prize' today  :-)

 A very striking quilt by Jean.  I love it, you really have to look hard to see what the pattern is here... very clever.

 Bit blurry I'm sorry... Liz bought this little old Pill Box and filled it with embroidery!  Is there anything that can't be embroidered by Liz!  She is very clever isn't she.
 Just look at this tiny thing  :-)

 Lynne is making Drunkard Path blocks, very clever placement of the blocks, I've never made this block so I really have to concentrate to see where the block stops and starts... I think there are 16 different squares/blocks here??  Am I right??

 Dang!  I've forgotten the name of this beautiful quilt by Marianne... it's another Bonnie K Hunter and I love it so much I thought I would make it myself and I asked Marianne a couple of times what it was called!  Dang!    Help please Marianne :-)
Below is the back so just some wadding and it's ready for quilting.

Marilyn's Sudoku Quilt made for her DH who is just mad about Sudoku  :-)  just as I am actually! Oh NO!  I've just realized just how Sudoku it really is...  nine different fabrics, one in each of the nine squares... I will have to spend time checking that this Sudoku has been finished correctly  :-)

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