02 November 2014

Busy hands making lots of lovely things to keep us warm or to decorate our homes.

 Lots and lots of Lissa's Pies in two different sizes... and omigollygosh... check out how neat the backs are!
  Ready and waiting... all neatly clipped together for making more Pies by Lissa.

 I'm hand stitching this panel for Grandchild #6,  now I need to find another one for Grandchild #7.

 Gillian's American friend sent these paint charts to help Gillian choose the fabrics needed for the next Bonnie K Hunter Mystery Quilt starting at the end of this month.

 Sarah working away on her wonderfully large Hexagon Quilt.

 These really sweet pigs and below the Cow and Farmer are being appliqued by Lyn W. for a friends coming baby.

 Robyn working away on her Giraffe's, these three have their tails but not their eyes yet so they can't see that they have tails, surely they must be able to feel they have tails!  :-)

 Lynne A. making pretty little flowers.

 I just love Maggie's hexagons ready and waiting to be sewn down.

 Wow!  Stunning block by Jenn.

 What a complicated block this one is Claire's, another Wow isn't it... who makes up these complicated but very Wow blocks I wonder, it will be a large Hexagon when finished.

 And another Wow!  A star block but just check out how detailed Natasha has been sorting her fabrics!
 Wow!  Wow!  Wow!

 Cath finishing some binding.

 Lovely little message being worked by Ros, can you read the last few words??

 Liz is coming along very nicely with this Masterpiece... it's looking absolutely stunning Liz!

 Frogs for Joy's grandchild.

 Another couple of these very beautiful blocks by Heather... this quilt is going to be stunning! I wonder how many blocks there will be!

 Marianne continuing on with the hand quilting of her beautiful quilt.

 Marilyn's little crochet hexagons coming along very nicely.

 Stephanie knitting away.

 Becky has started another pair of socks.

 Gorgeous scrap fabrics being used by Gillian for her Hexagon quilt.

 Jill working away on her lovely quilt.

And... last but not least... Brenda is knitting a jumper.


Annette said...

Thank you Pennie for sharing your fun days.
Paint chips match project below them!!!

Pennie said...

Absolutely! Well spotted Annette :-)