04 August 2014

Wonderful, Wonderful Show and Telllll... Seen by all at the Pub!!

 Annie's lovely crochet rug.

 Emma's beautiful quilt that was hung at the Sydney Quilt Show last month.

 Emma's been crocheting this bold and beautiful rug for seven years now.

 Jean looking very smart in her newly hand knitted cardigan.

 A striking clever quit made by Marilyn.

 My pretty little dolls made from left overs of bigger projects.  They will go to a Charity one day.

 My Trip Around the World designed by Bridgett Giblin on Facebook.

 Rita with a couple of lovely snuggly quilts for a Childrens Hospital.

 Lovely warm quilt made by Jean... I think???  Jean??

 Selina is always making something stunning.  A cushion above.

 See I told you Selina is always making something stunning... check out these blocks!

 Another quilt by Sel.

 Another by Sel, this was hung at the Sydney Quilt Show last month, just look at all that incredible quilting...

 A new one by Selina, this was a class she took  and choose to be bold and beautiful instead of the other students who went calm and quiet.

 Stephanie was in a Swap, this one she made and sent to a lady in the UK and below is the little quilt she received from a lady in the USA.  (I think)

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