04 August 2014

Now to the Wonderful, Wonderful... Quilting SCQuilters...

 Pennie telling Annie that it was okay, not to worry...  she was allowed to Crochet at the Southern Cross QUILTERS gathering and... she wouldn't be fined  :-)

Actually made me think, Crochet has really taken off in the last couple of years so I wonder how many were sewing, how many knitting and...  how many were Crocheting at the Pub Saturday last!!

 Jean was sewing, Lissa was sewing and Maggie was crocheting.

 Jill was sewing and Selina was sewing.

 Joy was sewing, Heather was sewing and Robyn was sewing...

 Kerry was sewing and Marilyn was Crocheting...

 Marianne was sewing, I think Erica was knitting and is that Irene Crocheting??

 Pennie and Liz trying to get a good Selfie!!!  it's a lot harder than we thought but we knocked back help from others... we wanted to do it ourselves!  What do you think???    Success or failure??  LOL!!!

 Rita was sewing and Emma was crocheting.

 I had to sneak a secret photo of Selina's hair... what fun!  Don't you love it :-)

Stephanie was crocheting and Becky was knitting.

Okay... so I've done a count of what each of us were doing at the Blue Gum.
Embroidery     = 1
Knitting           = 3
Crochet           = 7
Sewing            = 9
Total                20 

There were 21 of us at the Pub so one person is missing and that's Erica, I have no photographic proof of what handwork she was working on, I know it wasn't Crochet... we have a pack  ;-)  So??? 

It's a Mystery.  Sorry I missed you Erica.


Erica Spinks said...

I was knitting Pennie - the same thing I've been knitting all year! :-)

Hot Fudge said...

Wonderful post Pennie, as usual. And now I can stop hunting around the house for that missing earring, which I can now see was already missing at the Blue Gum!

Pennie said...

Thank you both!
So that takes the Knitters numbers up to 4!