04 August 2014

Lets start this months posts with the... Wonderful, Wonderful... SCQuilters Handwork.

Annie's neat and colourful crochet squares to add to her rug.

 Wool, Glorious Wool...

 Becky was knitting this clever but tricky scarf, the pattern made it difficult for Becky to get her head around the turns for one triangle to the next but she had it all sorted before the end of the day.

 Emma was continuing her seven years work on this bright and bold crochet blanket.

 Secret Women's Business... check this Blog next weekend for the revelations of this absolutely beautiful quilt.

 Jean was just adding a Crochet fringe to this knitted shawl... this shawl was so light and soft you couldn't tell it was in your hand... no weight at all and .... she's making it for a friend, one very lucky friend.
 Jill was making more hexagons to add to her quilt.

 Joy was sewing the felt circles together,  then she will sew them onto the 'R'.

 Kerry was working hard on this beautiful Hexagon Quilt.

 Lissa sewed another Pie!

 Liz busy sewing her 'book' which is so clever...

 Maggie was crocheting this lovely colourful scarf.

 Marianne sewing 'chicken feet'...  we will have to wait to see how they turn out, tune in next month!

 Kerry's first Crochet project.

 Pennie was knitting these little dolls for charity.

 Rita was cutting the edges of these quilts, she then tied knots in the fringe.

 Rita was sewing Stars!

 Selina's sewing this amazing block.

Stephanie's crochet circles are growing in numbers...

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