02 February 2014

Quilting, Sewing, Knitting and even Crocheting at the Blue Gum Pub! Not to mention the chat, the food and the wonderful laughter :-)

I wasn't feeling 100% ticketyboo last Saturday...  my experiment, two weeks ago, with some marvelous, yet untried, unknown and unpracticed ballet manoeuvre on one very slippery unknown Hotel bathroom floor in Canberra...  managed to tear my right Hamstring muscle... rendering me little movement and one hell of a lot of pain.   I didn't want to miss our Blue Gum Gathering though so through the kindness and generosity of so many quilty friends I made it to the pub, I was comfortable, I was fed and watered and even enjoyed my usual $2 ice cream cone  :-)   Thanks Everyone.

Taking photos wasn't on the agenda for me yesterday so I sent my camera around with the request for some 'Selfies' and here are the marvelous results!!   Enjoy  :-)  cheers Pennie

 Penniepoo, Brenda and Lissapoo!

 Jean and Lynne.

 Becky and Emma.

 Irene, Jill and Selina.

 Sue, Heather and Joy.


 Marilyn, Jill and Pennie.

 Stephanie and Erica.




 Liz, Gillian and Christine.



Irene and Jill.

Ruth and Jill.

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