03 February 2013

The SCQuilters 'Blue Gum' Mystery Quilt Challenge - Step One!


Please read the 'Mystery Quilt Challenge' on the right of this post before joining this Challenge.

This first step will be what decides your Mystery Quilt see below for some hints.

Row by Row - you choose the size of each row to finish up with a quilt of 9 rows.
Medallion - start with a centrepiece and work around this, the centre can be 6" x 6" or 12" x 12" or  even 3" x 3"...  you decide.
Blocks - all the same size making a quilt 3 x 3 or different sizes and shapes giving a totally different look.
Themes - all Cats?  Flowers?  Australiana?  Oriental?  or all one fabric Designer?  or all Scrappy?
Level - if you aren't an experienced quilter this quilt will suit you but there again it might be the one quilt to take you outside your comfort zone for the first time. 
If you are an experienced quilter... we can't wait to see what you will come up with :-)

Good Luck everybody, and Enjoy!

The post below is a Slideshow of a similar Challenge done by a small group called the Ku-ring-gai Quilters, check it out for some ideas.

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