02 February 2013

Show and Tell #2.

 Pennie's Show... This is the quilt that started my obsession with Hexagons.  It was started by David's Grandmother 'Dudu' in the 1930's with scraps of all sorts of fabrics plus school uniforms and dresses made for David's mother 'Mary', it was badly sewn, sometimes with thread that looked like it should be used for trussing a chicken and the whole quilt was very long and thin and had a curve in it.
Mary had it for years and had added a few hexagons to it herself and when David's (not very friendly) sister heard that I'd offered to finish it for Mary,  took it and held onto it but did nothing to it for about 5 years until Mary insisted she give it back... so eventually I got it.
First thing I did was to wash this top and you should have seen the black water left in the sink, then I mended what needed mending, then I took off one end and added it to the sides, straightened the whole quilt up, appliqued the pale green edging then sent it off to be machine quilted...  when it was bound and labeled I gave it to David's mother for her 80th Birthday and she had it on her bed until the day she died. 
David loves this quilt and it was one thing he was determined to get back...  This is one very special quilt which started my Hexagon obsession about 20 years ago.

 Liz's Show #1... Liz has started another Quilt as you go Quilt.

Liz's Show #2... Here are two more of Liz's blocks, I'm loving this quilt already!

 Joy's Show... lovely fabrics making something really interesting here.

 Irene's Show #1... Knitting a different sort of quilt, Irene made a terrific knitted block quilt last year.

Irene's Show #2... another block underway.

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