08 April 2012

Show, Show, Show and TELL!!!

 Becky - Was jumping with pride, she proudly announced that she'd made this bag in the same calendar year that she'd bought the pattern.   Congratulations well deserved Becky.

Claire - started off by apologizing for not having finished the binding on her quilt but was quickly quietened by the crowd :-)  This was a challenge quilt with Jenn.  They both had the same range of fabrics so had to make a quilt using two other solid fabrics. 
Jenn -  Used the cream and blue as her solids.   Lovely the both of them.

Jenn - I think that border fabric really finishes off this quilt perfectly.

 Glynis - had a couple of beautiful quilts to show today.

Glynis - Scrappy.

Glynis - very pretty blocks with terrific border fabric as well.

Glynis- Very Hungry Caterpillar :-)

 Heather - had already given this quilt away but she sent me a photo... here is her description.
"My daughter works with a girl whose best friend was very badly burnt when her deep fat fryer caught on fire.    She was pregnant at the time and her 3 year old little girl, Bailey, witnessed the whole thing.  So bad were the burns that the mother was put into an induced coma for some time.    Luckily the mother didn't lose the baby, born 2 weeks ago.    I decided to make a quilt for Bailey as she had been through so much and  with the birth of the new baby, I thought she needed something special
for herself."

Sad but lovely story :-)

Jean - has another grandson turning 18, lucky boy eh!

Jill - a Black and Gold/Yellow quilt for her son.

Kath - A Christmas panel quilted by Kath.

Kath - is making a bag here but she's not quiet sure how it fits to the handles, we'll wait till next month to see if you've worked it out Kath.

Lynne - made this Scrappy quilt with the blue border.

Nicole - nice warm quilt.

Rita - made the next three quilts for some friends having babies.

Rita - The quilts below were made for our Service Men overseas... check out the Blog by clicking Aussie Hero Quilts. 

This is the back of the Jean quilt below.

Rita's label.

Sel -

Sel -

Sharon - made this Japanese designed quilt using her brights instead of Japanese fabric... another Border I love... what is it with Borders today?  I've got a thing about them :-)

Sue - a quilt for a Nephew's new baby and below are three of Sue's beautiful blocks. I for one am really looking forward to seeing the finished product... but I'm happy waiting and seeing the blocks one by one.

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Linda said...

Heather is SO thoughtful to have made that quilt for poor Bailey. I hope that family is getting along okay. Selina makes quilts that are MY style! Love them. And Sue's blocks are wonderful! Be sure to post follow-up pictures so I can see what she does with them! Thanks for your great posts.