08 April 2012

... and to the Food Glorious Food...

Ploughman's Board - selection of cold meats, antipasto and bread.

One of the Specials was - Salt and Pepper Prawns with salad and chilli mayo.  This is Heathers and Irene enjoyed the same.

When Heather and Irene saw my platter they ooohhhed and aaaahhhed and both said... 'You got more Prawns than I did!'

'How many did you get Heather/Irene?'  I asked.

Heather said she only got six.

Then Irene said she only got six.

Someone was heard to say that the Management must be buttering me up... but Why I wondered?

These are my Prawns... just count them, then count Heathers above*...  if you are any good at maths you might get the same number LOL!  I just love this sort of thing :-)

*The top photo is Heathers, she was wearing Pink Pants!

Slow Roasted Crispy Pork Belly - with potato mash, vanilla apple sauce, pickled cabbage with dark ale gravy.

Herb & Cheese crumbed Chicken Schnitzel - with salad, chips, lemon and aioli.

Chicken Caesar Salad - Lettuce. alfalfa sprouts, pistachio crumbs, maple bacon and egg, percorino & avocado vinaigrette.

Mushroom Pizza - sautéed mushrooms, taleggio & pinenuts

 Ravioli was one of the Specials and I can't remember what it was all about... sorry.

 Maghertia Pizza - heirloom tomatoes, mozzarella & basil - I only just caught this one  :-)  Delicious.

Steak - 200g Eye fillet wrapped in bacon Pasture fed beef from Inverell NSW

Jackson loved his - Chicken Burger - Southern spiced chicken breast, avocado, lettuce, cheddar
cheese, mayo & tomato relish.

Charlie loved his - Kids Fish and Chips.

Then there were the Desserts... Yummo!

Creme Brulee - Orange & cardamon Brulee with Biscotti

Sticky date pudding with toffee sauce, vanilla bean ice cream & Persian floss.

Charlie couldn't finish his Kids Meal, so left the Chocolate Ice Cream cone for me :-)  Perfect way to finish off a perfect lunch.

Here it is...  Just feast your eyes and try to stop your mouth from watering  :-)

Mars Bar calzone with caramel fudge & vanilla bean ice cream.


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