08 April 2012

Handwork - we are always very busy at the Blue Gum, our fingers never stop.

 Becky's little Blocks are coming along nicely.

 Another block underway by Becky.

 Claire was trying to get her binding finished before Show and Tell... did she make it you wonder.....  keep scrolling down.

Glynis was having to unpick a quilted block of her Hungry Caterpillar quilt... this has to be the worst job in quilting don't you reckon.

 Both sets of blocks from above and below are Heathers, gosh I like her handwork.  The one above is Nearly Insane and the one below is ... I've forgotten what it's called but it is a copy of an old old quilt and she is making it the same way as they did way back when... before rotary cutters and so on!  Now that is mad I reckon  :-)

 Irene is working away on her blocks but just check out her Rotary Cutter!

Jean sewing away but it's her skirt I love, she bought it way back when... the day she was late to the Blue Gum and she stopped off at DJ's Hornsby.

 Jenn was cutting her scrap fabrics for a Scrap Basket quilt.

 Jill delicate little blocks.

 Liz tells us this is the last of her Aussie blocks... we can't wait to see the finished product but most of all I wonder what she will do when this quilt is finished!  Stay tuned :-)

Lynne plodding away on her little Hexies.

 Marianne working away on another lovely quilt.

 Marilyn was making very neat little hexies.

 Nicole was knitting away happily...  can see Ros hiding away behind her... she's put her handsewing away before I could photograph it and she wasn't bringing it out again :-)

Now I wonder who's handwork this is  :-)  I'm not telling... okay!  You'll have to guess.

 Rita cutting and plotting her next quilt.

 NO... Robyn didn't have silkworms in her shoe box... it was her handwork  :-)

 Selina was well organized, she had boxes of fabrics and scraps of fabrics, she had her mat, her ruler and even her computer... but this is a borrowed cutter ... she left hers at home  :-)   The best laid plans eh!

 Look at Sharon's lovely delicate little blocks.

 Sue putting the finishing touches to one of her lovely blocks.

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Linda said...

Sure enjoyed seeing everyone's handiwork, all the smiling faces, and the fabulous food! Thanks for keeping me up-to-date on the SCQuilters' doin's. Linda, in Iowa (but not much longer! - Moving to Florida)