03 December 2011

#4 - The Handwork, or should I say 'some' of the handwork, I didn't get around to everyone today, naughty me!

 Irene didn't want me to take a photo of her knitting, but who does she think is boss around here??   No no... not me that's for sure!

 Cath is just back from a shopping spree in Japan, don't you love that lacy zipper, I want one of those......

Stephanie is plodding away on her star quilt.  Have you seen these plastic templates before, aren't they beaut, Steph says they work wonderfully well.  I want some of these.....

 Rita is up to Row 30 of her Monet's Garden hexagon quilt top, lookin' good Rita!

 Ros is making this little 'thing' as a gift for a SCQuilter, I've photographed it from the back so you can't tell who it's for... or can you?

 Lillias is quilting this little quilt for her new grandson.

 Heather has started putting together her candied hexagons, smashing aren't they!

 Lynne is making this as a Christmas gift as well.

And...  finally... Liz, plugging away on her Aussie quilt.  She says she'll have the blocks together by the January Gathering... but she didn't say 'all' the blocks or which January but that's okay it's lovely watching it's progress.

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